Once again, I find myself tapping away to the keys to write posts like these. So many times have I created some form of personal space to gather my thoughts, and somehow they wither in time. They lay abandoned, some like the hidden gem in the ground I would never quite unveil.

It’s not that my writing lacks passion. I have more than enough in my mind to spill words across this space. Perhaps it’s an internal argument, one that begs to ask the question: for whom am I writing for, and why publicise such things?

In this empty space, there are no closed doors and no white walls.

Well, even as this entry is being formed, I know that this would be an action that would shape me. I know not what I will share, or what I will express, but may my thoughts and writings mature in due time.

Eirene. To set at one again.

This is where I go,


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