I’ve never known anyone quite like you before.

You make the smallest and simplest things seem the best of them all. In a world that never stops talking, silent wonderment became your palace of glass.

Transparent, stunning and yet, not without a hint of being terrifying.

You find flowers in concrete pavements and with your attention to intricate details, surely even tired bones will rise.

You have diverging tendencies — your head either up in the clouds or fixed on feet. If there was a mystery to do with the foundation of this city, I’m certain that it would be a spell undone by you and you only.

It’s the morning song you hear and the night lullaby that brings you peace. While you remain a hidden shadow in the midst of the bustling crowd, it’s the frozen moments that makes me see.

It’s people like you that captivate me.

The slight drawl that colours your voice has a way of making me stay, even as the streets fall asleep.

I wonder how the world looks to one like you, are the things I once thought. Met by the storm in your eyes, and despite its burning uncertainty, I promise not to run away.

A response to this.


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