Who is the one behind these virtual pages?

One can consider the author to have many traits, likened to the multifaceted quality of a diamond. The author makes no demand of being the diamond itself, but one can tell it’s open for interpretation.

She is a lover of many things, but firstly, one who pursues God. She believes in the good that is played out in His hands, even when the human figure cannot comprehend.

Other things that follow, she loves: clouds, stars, words, books and the moon. An almost lover: the majesty of thunder and lightning.

In slightly “nerdier” and bookworm-ish terms,

She is a theophile, nephophile, astrophile, logophile, bibliophile and selenophile; last but not least, almost a ceraunophile.


  • The -phile words do follow in that particular order.
  • The suffix -phile are derived from the Ancient Greek word philia (φιλία), “love, affection”.

Where does she go that the reader cannot follow?

She is everywhere and nowhere. While a lingering thought may float in a northern direction, the snap decision in the south may bring her elsewhere altogether.