Can you hear the blessed cheer?

It’s that time of the year.



The days, they fall apart assiduously.

Have you not realised? 2017 looms close.

Here I stand, yet here I will not stay.

I’ve been set on a course across the continent in mere days.

God, please give me courage.


You’re at your wits’ end. No need for me to see broken eyes or shaking fingers, to guess the erratic heartbeat. It began with a whisper before it transformed into a deafening roar. They drowned reason.

It hurts to watch. Yet I can’t let it go just like this.

Stranger you are, stranger you still will be. Don’t go. I can’t have this space rid of you.

Listen, let me listen. I have no remedy, but I will not turn at the sight of ugly.

These scars, these hurts, don’t leave them bleeding. I am here, the isolation you speak of is a lie concocted by the harm.

For if I could face the darkness for this person and that… why would I not, for you?

Newsflash: In a world so connected, we’ve found more ways to die.


I’m going, she says, and the blanket of silence hangs on the night sky before breaking.

Mm, he muses. How do you feel?

Amazing, and everything else, are the words she exclaim, with expressive and positive actions, but there is a glittering quiver in her eyes, the tremble of the upper lip, and involuntary shaking that would not quite go away,

Don’t cry, he whispers.

Arms around. Tears that fall.

I’m afraid, she admits with the tiniest sob.

You are brave and you are well, you are intelligent and you are you, he reasons with a slight smile. Just like the stars above, I’ll remember you.

And his hand, it holds hers.


What does it mean, to love with all your heart, and all your mind, soul and strength?

We love with a love poor, selfish and adulterated.

What is this love, a love beyond reason or necessity?

We hold on so tightly and yet say it’s the same thing.


A wintry frost on the October-clad doorstep, pattern unrecognised.

Tell me, tell me.

With the end of the year falling in, will it be taken in with open arms?

Or would those open arms signify surrender?

Are you holding on because you want to, or because you’re afraid of who you’ll become if you don’t?

All these questions, framed in ways innocent and disguised.

Glance to the side, watch you walk in my direction.

I wonder, silently, as to whether my feet will gravitate toward you or otherwise.

The earth is moving.